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    Leadership Skills

    This series of books take you
    through traits of great leadership
    research and development of ideas as

    well as implementation.

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Sherrie Lacey

–  Writer Business Women

Sherrie is broadly experienced in business Internationally and in the City of London. Sherrie is currently working towards her Doctorate on an international programme. As well as holding various leadership positions.

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Readers Reviews

Without question my career and business has felt a lasting impact and the catalyst to change through the process of the programme, I have transformed my patterns of behaviour and will be forever grateful, I cannot recommend Sherrie highly enough, at a tim
T Mohammed Chowdery
Oil Entrepreneur
- After using the DeLacey methods, I can see the difference in my overall behaviour and the way I conduct business. I am really honoured to have transformed under the leadership and guidance of Sherrie. I would definitely recommend her.
Ray Fernandes
I have felt a lasting impact on my career and business and a positive change in my patterns of behaviour. The programme and its processes have helped me transform into a better version of myself. Thank you so much, Sherrie. I am highly grateful to her and would recommend her without a doubt.
Bhumi Gaur
Thank you Sherrie for all your support and guidance. The programme has really helped me both in my career and my personal life by helping me shift my behavioural patterns. I would highly recommend her.
Using the programme and following the process has really helped me better my life and career. I have applied the concepts in my business and it has worked miraculously. I would highly recommend Sherrie and her services.
Robin Shrabotsky

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