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11 easy tips to help you mentally declutter

To declutter your mind, you need to focus on acting with intention. You need to use your time and energy as efficiently as possible, by focusing on the things that need your attention most.

Here are 11 easy tips to help you to start to mentally declutter.

1. Make a note of reasons to be thankful
Being thankful is about recognizing all that you have achieved or been given in life. Instead of not having what you want from life, gratitude and being thankful allows you to understand more deeply what you have from life and nothing more is needed to be happy. Take a bit of time every day to reflect on what you have in your life. You are less likely to feel angry if you take a little time to reflect on those things.

One idea is to spend five minutes writing down five different reasons why you feel grateful. There are no right or wrong reasons for feeling grateful. They can be big things or small things. It can include something as simple as finding something that had been mislaid, receiving an award or spending time with friends and family. There may be blessings that you can find in things that didn’t work out in the way in which you were willing them, serendipitous outcome, focusing on this can help you to take the pressure off your current stresses understanding however things work out you will make the best of it

2. Keep a diary
Writing thoughts down can help process your thoughts and clarify them. Whether this is writing them on paper or an electronic form, the process of writing out your thoughts and problems can help you see them in a different light. It can help you decide what is really important and gives your dreams, experiences and passions somewhere else to exist outside of your mind.

Writing about thoughts and feelings can help you look at them as though you are an observer, rather than experiencing them yourself. Even if you are writing about deep emotions, writing about them can help you to take a step back from them and look at the situation more clearly. Getting your thoughts and emotions out of your mind and into the diary makes it easier to let them go; and once outside of your mind, the issues get smaller, making them easier to deal with.
It is up to you how often you write in your diary. But it is a good practice to make sure you have something to write on so you can write about your thoughts when you feel you need to get the thoughts and feelings out. Regular writing will probably help calming thoughts come quicker, without the complexities that come about by confiding in someone.

3. Laugh often and laugh loud
Not only is laughter great exercise and good for your body, it lifts your emotions and boosts your spirits. Laughter lightens emotional loads and helps to restore your mind.
Try to find the lighter side of life and not take everything too seriously! Enjoy laughing and do it properly. Whether it is friends, family, animals, films or literature, seek out people and things that make you laugh. Notice how much more positive and less stressed you feel for having laughed.

4. Press pause
Sometimes you just need to stand back, take a breath and collect your thoughts. If your mind is working overtime, and if the opportunity allows, take a few moments to take a break from the mental activity. To give your mind a proper rest and find some peace, take a total break, even from low-key activities or chores. Relax, breathe, shut off all devices and stimulants and just enjoy the break.
If you can, get some fresh air and have a change of scene. Sitting outside and watching the World go by is a simple way to recharge your batteries. When you return to your work, you will feel calm and revitalized, and better able to focus on your work.

5. Limit your exposure to the media
Media is incessant and pervasive; watching it constantly just because it’s available is damaging. Your own thoughts and opinions can become drowned by the media’s subliminally influence. This can create beliefs and biases that overly influence or cause conflict with your own beliefs and values. That can make it harder for you to make decisions that are right for you.

6. Let your creativity loose
The value of creativity lies not in the end results, but in the process of being creative. Creativity helps foster curiosity and problem solving. It provides an opportunity for your imagination to be exercised, for it to be adventurous and to recapture some of the wonderment of youth. There are limitless ways to be creative – it doesn’t just have to be painting or handicrafts; other common creative activities include singing, dancing, cooking and writing.
Unleashing your imagination and letting it go wherever it wants can help you reconnect with your inner child. Explore your imagination and creativity to the max.

7. Get moving
Exercise not only is essential for your body, it helps your mind too. Choose a form of exercise you enjoy, and whatever it is, make sure you move and work up a sweat. Exercise releases endorphins that promote feelings of wellbeing. It also helps you avoid illnesses, keep healthy, have a healthy weight, sustains your energy levels and helps you to sleep better. Altogether, taking regular exercise helps you to feel good and keep you in a positive frame of mind.

Whatever form of exercise you take, make sure it is something you enjoy doing so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Whether it is walking, dancing, swimming or running, there are so many types of exercise, something for everyone. Keep moving for a healthier body and mind.

8. Priorities what is important
It can be too easy to waste time by focusing on the wrong things, which can lead to negative feelings. By listing what is important to you and your ambitions, you can learn to identify your priorities. Using this tool will allow you to see what may be a distraction from your core goals on which you are wasting time, energy and other key resources. Whilst doing this put some thought into what barriers are preventing you from engaging with the things that are most important to you. Perhaps you can change your situation so that you can use more of your time on the things that are more important to you. Spending time with the people that you love or the things that you love can help improve your sense of well being.

9. Kindness is contagious
It may seem counter intuitive, but by being kind and giving to others is rewarding for you too. Help yourself by helping others, and in turn, they are more likely to help you. After all, to receive love, you must also give it. If you know you can help someone else, don’t be afraid to do so. Ignoring the plight of someone in need can have a profound adverse effect upon you.

Acts of kindness should be something you do every day. It does not have to cost you anything; it can be as simple as letting a driver out onto a busy road. Such an action can help someone have a better day, but it also gives you a sense of compassion and positivity. Your unconscious mind is inherently compassionate, acts of kindness help break down any barriers present between your conscious and unconscious mind.

10. Let it go
Worrying uses up a lot of energy and diverts us from the important things in life. There are only two things in life to worry about – things you can do something about and things you cannot. If you can do something about it, then take steps to do what needs to be done to stop you worrying about it. If you can’t do anything about it, then let it go. Learn to recognize the difference; knowing when you cannot change the situation helps you come to terms with the situation, which helps reduce the drain on your energy and helps you feel more positive.

11. Keep an open mind
Life often throws us a curve ball, presenting us with unexpected situations over which we have no control. How we deal with them is key to our well being. Dealing with the unexpected in a way that works for you may mean exploring new things or new thoughts. Being open to those opportunities helps to keep your life balanced, always look for the best, in a positive light, how can you make this work for you?

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