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Transformational Leadership ProgrammeSilver Monthly Recurring Payment £1000

  • Develop your leadership skills through a tailored programme of elearning, webinars and coaching.
  • Starting with a one on one web consultation to understand your strengths and weaknesses, support and development training will be provided on a weekly basis.
  • This programme is most appropriate if you are preparing for a new role or changes in your career.
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Transformational Leadership ProgrammeGold Monthly Recurring Payment £2500

  • Support the delivery and development of the overall Leadership strategy through the design of innovative development solutions.
  • Learn to create a meaningful journey for self and others that will increase learning, enjoyment, and accountability Conducting the development and delivery of a range of soft skills, motivational upskilling project management support apprenticeship, custo
  • The postholder will utilise a variety of training solutions including classroom, elearning, webinars and coaching.
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Transformational Leadership ProgrammeBlack Monthly Recurring Payment £35000

  • This programme includes all of the above but involves much deeper involvement, during one one coaching allowing you operate on the highest level of performance possible as well as being a support acting as an objective and independent sounding board to a
  • Working closely with you embedded, we will design solutions to build your capabilities in Leaderships, when interacting with individuals or leading the board, guiding and bringing them with you. We do this by upskilling you creating the appropriate resour
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